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US-7638138-B2: Compositions for nasal administration of pharmaceuticals patent, US-8147814-B2: Personal care compositions comprising certain dye-polymer complexes patent, US-7374677-B2: Two stage hemofiltration that generates replacement fluid patent, US-8052926-B2: Method for manufacturing a sterilized lancet integrated biosensor patent, US-8338700-B2: Dye-sensitized photoelectric conversion device patent, US-8110462-B2: Reduced finger end MOSFET breakdown voltage (BV) for electrostatic discharge (ESD) protection patent, US-6821628-B2: Glass-ceramic cooking panel that makes deposited material, such as dirt, less conspicuous patent, US-7349705-B1: Wireless remote location system and method patent, US-6856546-B2: Multi-state memory patent, US-8512302-B2: Device for collection of aspirated fluids patent, US-7682754-B2: Nonaqueous electrolytic solution for electrochemical cells patent, US-7262223-B2: Amidine derivatives for treating amyloidosis patent, US-7613400-B2: Multi-level optical data communication circuit patent, US-7144605-B2: Curable coating composition and coating film forming method patent, US-7536880-B2: Magnetic lid switch patent, US-8380348-B2: Robot patent, US-8432163-B2: Method for low frequency noise cancellation in magneto-resistive mixed sensors patent, US-6800380-B2: Organometallic luminescent materials and organic electroluminescent device containing same patent, US-7943699-B2: Ethylene copolymer modified oriented polyester films, tapes, fibers and nonwoven textiles patent, US-7909982-B2: Treatment process for concrete patent, US-7291194-B2: Intermittent mixer with low pressure drop patent, US-7129312-B1: Adhesion promoters for monomer-free reactive polyurethanes patent, US-7390626-B2: Methods and kit for diagnosing tick borne illnesses patent, US-3819-A: Improvement in cultivator-teeth patent, US-3836509-A: Radiation convertible norbornene polymers patent, US-4173-A: Exbrcising-fflachilte patent, US-436-A: Brick mold used in brick-pressing machines patent, US-4390-A: Cooking-stove patent, US-4437937-A: Continuous trickle-down distillation unit for producing hydrated alcohol patent, US-5797003-A: Quick access to computer applications patent, US-6078-A: Roller weather-strip patent, US-6165-A: Door-lock by a combined key and gage patent, US-6168104-A: patent, US-6168304-A: patent, US-6169834-A: patent, US-6170645-B2: patent, US-6171895-B2: patent, US-6172429-B2: patent, US-6179292-B2: patent, US-6180712-B2: patent, US-6181968-B2: patent, US-6182355-B2: patent, US-6183603-B2: patent, US-6184917-B2: patent, US-6185524-B2: patent, US-6185678-B2: patent, US-6275370-B1: patent, US-6360692-B1: patent, US-6362598-B1: patent, US-6362635-B1: patent, US-6433665-B1: patent, US-3696111-A: Benzocyclobutene-1-carboxylic acids patent, US-3944576-A: Novel steroids of the oestrane series substituted in 7-position patent, US-3978510-A: Heterojunction photovoltaic devices employing i-iii-vi compounds patent, US-4369186-A: 4,5-Dichloroimidazole-2-carboxylic acid derivatives patent, US-5981993-A: Flash memory device and method of fabricating the same patent, US-6046303-A: Soluble polyimide resin having alkoxy substituents and the preparation method thereof patent, US-6080768-A: Derivatives of 2-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphthalene active on the cardiovascular system patent, US-3879466-A: Bicyclo-{8 2.2.2{9 octa-5,7-dien-2-ones and a process for their preparation patent, US-3891699-A: Biphenylenealkanoic acids patent, US-3898269-A: Tetrahydronaphthylglyoxylic acids and esters patent, US-3925485-A: Process for the preparation of allylic alcohols patent, US-4228310-A: Polyol preparation patent, US-4600766-A: Process for producing cross-linked resin from bis(2-oxazoline) and aromatic hydroxy-carboxylic acid patent, US-5053547-A: Benzonorbornene derivatives, processes for their preparation and medicinal and cosmetic compositions containing them patent, US-5202321-A: Thiopyrano[2,3,4-c,d]indoles as inhibitors of leukotriene biosynthesis patent, US-5296347-A: Bridge immunoassay patent, US-3900420-A: Microgas emulsions and method of forming same patent, US-3926909-A: Dibenzyl hydroxyl amine stabilizer for spandex patent, US-3996196-A: Polyimide-metallo-phthalocyanines and their preparation patent, US-4307237-A: Imidazoles patent, US-4326880-A: Derivatives of 5-(pyridyl-2-oxy)-2-nitrobenzoic acid, and herbicidal compositions containing them, and herbicidal methods for using same patent, US-4876176-A: Method for fabricating quasi-monolithic integrated circuits patent, US-5763003-A: Method of covering a ribbon of optical fibers with a resin, and apparatus for implementing such a method patent, US-6519544-B1: Method and apparatus for IEEE 1394 bus analysis patent, US-3717586-A: Fluorided composite alumina catalysts patent, US-3857900-A: Hydrogenation of aldehydes using triarylphosphine rhodium halogenoid catalysts patent, US-4187247-A: 9-Substituted phenyl-3,7-dimethyl-nona 2,4,6,8-tetraene compounds patent, US-4575930-A: Nuclear reactor fuel assembly peripheral rod lifting device patent, US-5439845-A: Process for fabricating layered superlattice materials and making electronic devices including same patent, US-5607714-A: Methods for stabilizing proteins in an acid pH environment and related compositions patent, US-6300688-B1: Bond pad having vias usable with antifuse process technology patent, US-6724636-B2: Electronic device and system composed of a plurality of electronic devices patent, US-4556683-A: Pigment dispersing resin and composition containing same patent, US-4981596-A: System for treating blood for autotransfusion patent, US-5151264-A: Particulate vector useful in particular for the transport of molecules with biological activity and process for its preparation patent, US-6229036-B1: Sulfanylsilanes patent, US-6573583-B2: Semiconductor device and method of manufacturing the same patent, US-4039734-A: Production of random or homogeneous copolymers patent, US-4097648-A: Laminated structural member and method of making same patent, US-4473713-A: Hydrolysis of aryl-aliphatic ethers patent, US-6225133-B1: Method of manufacturing thin film capacitor patent, US-6552413-B1: Diode patent, US-3901755-A: Bonding of polymers by surface activation patent, US-4418201-A: Process for preparation of N-heterocyclic compounds patent, US-4472294-A: Fluorine-containing compounds, and surface-tension lowering agent containing same patent, US-5154810-A: Thin film coating and method patent, US-5213941-A: Solid transfer negative- or positive-working color proofing method patent, US-5935986-A: Azolyl oxybenzyl alkoxyacrylic acid esters, process for producing them and their use patent, US-6046217-A: 2,3,5-trisubstituted pyridines as inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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